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Low-Key Perfection

Happy Monday darlings!

I hope everyone had a great weekend – the weather was amazing here! I spent a few hours on a near-by patio for brunch, getting a bit of colour on my all-too-pale skin and indulging in a yummy meal of eggs benedict and Kronenbourg 1664. My diet took a rest for Mother’s Day.

A walk around town proved too much for my high-heeled feet and a new pair of sandals beckoned to me. Another patio, this time on a roof-top downtown, called our names. Princess ate her promised ice cream sundae (okay, a vanilla bean gelato with chocolate sauce in a toffee-shell bowl) and I held onto my hot pink carnation with pride, a gift to all the mothers in the bistro.

After our walk home, we settled down into our Fat Boy and watched the hockey game. I know, who are we?? Vancouver is obsessed with hockey, and suddenly Mister is watching it too. No complaints – I get to relax while the two people in my house are busy watching tv. Pizza Hut arrived not too much later and we watched our usual Sunday night tv (cartoons & Celebrity Apprentice!).

The weekend sounds low-key, but to me, it was absolutely perfect!

How was your weekend?

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  • Low key maybe but VERY RELAXING :) I would've loved to sit on a patio and eat ice creams these days too!
  • It was amazing. But gone much too soon! Hopefully I'll have a day like that again soon :)
  • Patios & gelato? It sounds like a perfect weekend!
  • The beautiful weather was definitely a plus!!
  • What a perfect day. A rooftop patio, a flower and vanilla bean gelato sound heavenly! Happy belated Mother's Day :)
  • Thanks Em!! Hope you had a great weekend too :)
  • Sometimes low-key weekends can be the best! That pink carnation drink sounds interesting, what was in it? And I've posted my tiramisu, whoo-hoo!
  • Loved your tiramisu!!
  • Hello! I'm popping by after seeing your tag over at MetMum's. What nice recipes! I'm going to give your ginger cookies a try! I like the look of your fish recipe too, looks like a painless way of dieting - which I'm all for!

  • Thanks for stopping by!! I hope you return to see more healthy recipes :)
  • Cartoons and celebrity apprentice? Sounds like an eclectic mixture to me :)
    I have tagged you in a meme: http://www.metropolitanmum.co.uk/2010/05/spread...
  • On Sundays we watch Simpsons, Family Guy and the Cleveland Show, followed by the apprentice - It's a silly night of tv for sure!
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