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Healthy BBQ Pulled-Chicken Sandwiches

Not too long ago, I discovered a delicious sandwich at a local pub – a BBQ Pulled-Chicken Sandwich. To call it “delicious” would be putting it lightly, it is scrumptious – I am a huge fan of BBQ-sauce on almost everything (from pizza to burgers), and this pulled-chicken sandwich is no exception.

I have made this sandwich a few times B.D. (before diet) but since attempting to eat healthy have long deserted this once favourite dinner of ours. But when Mister got a craving for it, and we really thought about how to make it healthier, we discovered this was an almost-perfect substitute!

I start off with a whole chicken, which the supermarkets name “Fast Frying” but I always roast it. I have no clue why they call it fast-frying, but hey, no complaints – you can also just BUY a roasted chicken from a deli, but I love making it myself!

In about an hour you go from raw and yucky to perfectly roasted and brown – and it smells so good! Try it! This time I sprinkled it with fleur de sel and some olive oil, but there are so many ways to roast a chicken – add garlic, onion, or any other spice you love. Then, if you’re attempting a healthy version, remove the skin and throw it away. I know, horrible, right? But if you’re not on a diet – eat it. Mmmm. I’m jealous.

The main source of trouble for the regular version of this sandwich is the barbeque sauce – packed with sugar, calories and so yummy that you can’t help but pile it on, it’s a huge factor in upping the ‘bad’ factor. And guess what? I couldn’t find sugar-free BBQ sauce, but the winner as the BBQ-sauce with the least amount of calories, sodium AND sugar in a 2 tablespoon serving? Budweiser’s Barbeque Sauce. Check it out – it was the winner by far! The other trick in ensuring the ‘healthiness’ of this sandwich was the bread we chose (D’Italiano’s Whole Wheat Thintini Buns), measuring a proper portion of chicken breast (100 grams), fat-free cheese, and using ONLY 2 TABLESPOONS of BBQ sauce.

Healthy Version: Cut off the two chicken breasts, place in bowl and shred with a fork. Measure out 100 grams / 3 oz. of chicken per serving, and add two tablespoons of barbeque sauce to each serving. After toasting the Thintini buns, place a slice of fat-free cheese on the bottom, scoop out appropriate portion of the chicken onto bun, and then I added pickle slices and a piece of romaine lettuce, with a healthy squirt of mustard on top.

Free For All Version: Remove all the chicken from the bones (including thighs, etc) and shred in a large bowl. Add a healthy dose of barbeque sauce and mix together to taste. On any kind of toasted bun, place a slice of your favourite cheese, scoop out as much chicken as the bun can handle and add any other condiments as desired – this includes Ranch or Caesar dressing which tastes amazing with the sweet BBQ sauce.

Serve With: On the side you can serve this with Caesar salad, sweet potato or regular French fries – or my choice, the green beans tossed with a bit of salt and pepper.

I’ll be the first to admit that I love my BBQ sauce and would’ve loved to pour more on top of my chicken, but at the same time it was filling and just perfectly flavoured (I could still taste the chicken!). This was definitely a success! Try it out and let me know how it goes!

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  • I love that you also have a free for all version =)
    Looks delicious!
  • Oh my gosh, that sounds fantastic!
  • Mel
    Love the new blog! Great job, M!
  • stephaniegeezees
    this looks delicious!!
  • You peal off the skin and throw it away? OMG. I am sure that made you cry. It would have made me cry!
    I so want to be your neighbour. You wouldn't have to throw away anything ever again. :)

    PS: Thanks for the champagne toast, mon amie! xx D
  • Pam
    I've never heard of pulled chicken but, it looks and sounds delicious! I like the whole wheat buns also. I'll just have to give this a try!
  • Pulled chicken is similar to pulled pork, but tastes less greasy or fattening or something. It's very delicious!
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