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A La Montreal!

Montreal is one of my favourite places in Canada. The history, the old buildings and the architecture is what draws me into a city – and Montreal has a lot of it! I always says, “If you can’t go to Paris, just go to Montreal…” It’s not the same thing, I know, but the feeling you get on the cobblestone streets is very similar to Paris at times…

One of my favourite hotel chains is the W Hotel, and the hotel in Montreal is no exception. We stayed in the Wonderful Room which included a gorgeous tub and the colour scheme is very fitting for a winter stay! The W Hotel is uber-chic and super classy, it’s definitely a bit of a splurge but so worth it.

One of the things that always remind me of Paris are these Metro signs all over Montreal! The metro is the perfect way to get around the city, especially on freezing cold days. Otherwise, walking or biking is always a good option – it’s the best way to check out the sights!

If you are walking down a street in Old Montreal and see one of these signs – stop inside. It’s a welcome relief from the bitter cold and it warms you up from the inside out. For those who haven’t had hot wine, it’s definitely an experience.


It reminds me of mulled cider, but quite a bit different. It definitely is perfect for a cold winter’s day, warming you up and getting you a little bit tipsy along the way.


Old Montreal (Vieux-Montréal) is my favourite neighborhood, but there are many, many neighborhoods that make up the city, and they are almost all within walking distance.

Everyone will tell you that you must see the Basilique Notre-Dame when you visit Montreal, it’s is pictured above (but very poor quality, sorry!). Now, I’m certainly not one to visit churches while vacationing – we do it simply because everyone tells us to or we’ll see a gorgeous building and of course it’s a church, but I spend a minute or two inside and I’m done. The Notre Dame is a bit different. It is breathtaking. The decor inside is unbelievable – it consists of carved gold, stained glass and gorgeous paintings. You can take a tour around the basilica with a guide, as well, but we just took a look around ourselves, standing in awe of it all.

During this time of year the whole city is in lights! You can find Christmas trees in every neighborhood and my favourite way to check them all out is with a romantic horse-drawn carraige after dinner, bundled up in a blanket and listening to the horse’s hooves along the streets. It’s a tres romantique way to finish off a perfect Montreal day!

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  • Can you believe that I live in Toronto and never ever went to Montreal in all of my years, drove through on the highway to get to Nova Scotia but never stoped in... perhaps I should!
  • It looks gorgeous! Now I want to go!
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