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A little bit of history.

In September of 2003, I met my boyfriend at a night club. Some might call it a disco or a lounge, but it was just a night club in a suburb of Toronto where neither of us lived. Two days later we slept with each other in his Dodge Ram truck. Call it passion or lust – but from the moment I laid my eyes on him I knew we were meant to be – cheesy isn’t it? Love at first sight doesn’t seem probable in this world of ours, but it happened in between a bar and a dance floor.

Mister didn’t call me for three days afterward. I would later learn that this was part of a game men play when in love, and, truthfully, most women play them too – except I wasn’t one of those women. I didn’t know how to play games and any feeble attempts always ended in giggles or tragedy. I wear my heart on my sleeve, which some people consider a tragedy unto itself.

Our relationship moved quickly – the L-word was exchanged within weeks of meeting each other, after a fight with my father I moved into his father’s house in May. In June 2005 we discovered I was pregnant and subsequently moved to his mom’s house and, after the darling baby girl was born in January 2006, we moved into our own home. Finally.

We spent less than 2 years in that two-bedroom bungalow, it was in a small suburb, I didn’t know a single soul, my friends had dismissed me for most of their outings since I “had a baby” – which to some automatically means that I wouldn’t be interested in non-baby events – let me tell you, that’s when we need it more than ever! Regardless, it wasn’t a shock that we didn’t last there, and we sold our first home and purchased a heritage-building loft in Toronto. A loft that we never got the pleasure of living in, partially thanks to Mister’s ¬†insistence on renovating that place to his standards, renovations that took a long time to finish and by that point we were off to live in another part of the world again.

In between all this moving around, there were many, many trips. Mister took me skiing at Mont Tremblant, we celebrated New Years in New York City, we travelled to Paris and Amsterdam, we vacationed in Rivieria Maya and Cancun, we went camping, we flew off to New York a couple more times when the weather was nicer, we tanned in Dominican – we love to travel, to see everything in the world is an ambition great but one we both subscribe to, passionately.

There is only one thing we love more than traveling, and that, my dear friends, is eating. Our courtship started by going out to eat everywhere, from steakhouses to Italian restaurants to French bistros and Canadian gourmet – we loved to eat. This love of eating eventually turned into a love for cooking as well, something I’m still learning eagerly.

In October of 2009 we took a plane across the country and moved to Vancouver, and even though it’s the same country, it was a bit of a culture shock. It’s chic downtown living with a small city feel, people are friendly, there are numerous markets to choose from, lots of organic choices and gorgeous views from all around.

I’m still trying to navigate my way through Vancouver, attempting to find friends, good food and learn new recipes along the way. My life so far has not been anything like I ever dreamed it would be, I never thought I’d be 26, with a little girl and living in Vancouver with Mister. Life has a funny way of giving you things you don’t even know that you want. Looking forward to many more twists and turns along the way.

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